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PLIVAzdravlje is a specialized healthcare portal intended for anyone wishing to find out more about various healthcare and medical topics in a simple and easy way.

The portal offers detailed information about diseases, symptoms, medicinal products, diet, exercises and other everyday topics. The contents are organized by age, sex, interest and method of access to information.

Among other things, the interactive portal contains the following sections: Virtual Atlas, Disease Manual, Medical Lexicon, Nutrition by Disease, Allergy Traffic Light for several Croatian towns and Ovulation Calendar. To make the portal even more accessible to its readers, Virtual Atlas and Nutrition by Disease iPhone applications were introduced in 2010. PLIVAzdravlje is the first healthcare portal offering this service to its users.

The portal provides updated, reliable and credible information. The fact that it has been developed in cooperation with renowned Croatian medical and other experts guarantees its high quality. PLIVAzdravlje has the HONcode certificate.



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