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Corporate Social Responsibility

PLIVA has gained the position and built the status of a socially responsible company both thanks to the quality of its products and to its firmly established relationships with customers, users and business partners within the healthcare system. Its position and status also result from its approach to employees, environmental protection and its entire social and economic environment.

This approach has made PLIVA globally competitive and has enabled it to comply with the requirements of Croatian legislation and the requirements of other stakeholders. By embracing corporate social responsibility, as one of its basic operating principles, PLIVA has proved to be a true partner to the communities in which it operates. PLIVA has reported its sustainable development achievements in line with GRI guidelines, which cover economic, society and environmental performance indicators, for eight years.

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PLIVA increases its investments in the community year after year. In 2009, it earmarked more than HRK 10 million for public health actions, sponsorships and donations to healthcare and educational institutions, financing projects of non-profit, non-governmental and charitable associations, and associations of persons with special needs. These funds are mostly intended for projects related to education, prevention of diseases and healthcare. These investments directly contribute to the improvement of treatment and healthcare of citizens. By its own example, PLIVA encourages other companies and its business partners to be socially responsible and help those who need it most.

Aware of its social responsibility, PLIVA supports a number of projects in healthcare, science and education, and environmental protection.
In April 2002 PLIVA founded its Sustainable Development Committee, whose main task is to improve all activities related to sustainable development, and thus confirmed the importance it attributes to employee care, process safety, social responsibility and environmental protection. Since 1996 PLIVA has been a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), and as the Council's first member from Croatia, one of the co-founders of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development in 1997.

Donations and Sponsorships

As a socially responsible company, PLIVA returns a part of its profits to the community via its donations program and public health actions, which have direct effects on the quality of healthcare of the Croatian citizens.

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Public Health Actions

Citizens are mostly familiar with PLIVA's public health actions carried out under the slogan 'Dedicated to Health'. They are held in about 10 major towns each year, and their purpose is to provide information about cardiovascular risks. PLIVA's public health actions are visited by about ten thousand citizens every year. The Walking to Health action, held on the occasion of the World Health Day, is one of its traditional actions focused on raising health awareness and promoting the benefits of everyday walking.

The action for the collection of expired medicines from medicine cabinets and their proper disposal is yet another highly recognizable public health action carried out in cooperation with public health institutes. The purpose of this action is to raise public awareness of medicinal products as waste requiring proper disposal and to increase patient compliance.

The actions are organized in cooperation with specialized associations and healthcare institutions (diabetes and osteoporosis associations, the cardiovascular centre, public health institute, etc.), and are conducted with the support of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare or, in the case of PLIVA's project for collection and disposal of expired medicines, in cooperation with the City of Zagreb's Office for Healthcare and War Veterans.

Additionally, PLIVA continuously collaborates with Croatian universities, sponsors scholarship programs, supports various scientific symposia, and its experts provide input on legal regulations in various fields.

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