Working in PLIVA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at PLIVA?

The strength of our company lies in its diversity, talented employees and their commitment to the achievement of business goals. For generations the credit for PLIVA's success goes to them. PLIVA offers an exceptionally creative environment, professional and career development opportunities and high quality teamwork to its employees. They work in a dynamic and technically sophisticated environment, with motivating work conditions and remuneration system.

We at PLIVA believe in lifelong learning. We also believe that the knowledge and skills of our employees are the company's greatest asset. Therefore, the company supports on-the-job learning and various other learning opportunities, e.g. consulting and mentorship, multidisciplinary task forces, seminars, conferences, postgraduate studies and specialty studies, and language and computer courses. PLIVA also has its own training centre offering programs that are tailored to our needs and that contribute to the exchange of knowledge and information within the company.

We at PLIVA respect achievements and overall potential. A professional approach, commitment, proactive behaviour and motivation for further professional development are the main characteristics of all our employees and the greatest contributors to the company's success. "Team" is the key word for PLIVA. Generally, our teams are multidisciplinary and include employees with various qualifications who jointly contribute to the achievement of business goals and results, while additionally improving their expertise and competencies. PLIVA's excellence and outstanding business results can be attributed to teamwork and a high-level of cooperation among co-workers.


With 90 years of successful pharmaceutical experience, PLIVA is today a member of the Teva Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. We at PLIVA are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, affordable medicines for a better quality of life.

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As a responsible corporate citizen, PLIVA makes considerable investments in the communities in which it operates via its charitable donations program and public health actions, which directly contribute to healthcare improvement.

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