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PLIVA Received the Employer Partner Certificate

PLIVA Received the Employer Partner Certificate

At the ceremony held on 15 May 2012, PLIVA received the Employer Partner Certificate, which is presented for excellence in human resources management (“HRM”). Aleksandar Zemunić, a member of the Board of SELECTIO, the company that organized the certification process, presented the Certificate to Matko Bolanča, President of PLIVA’s Management Board.

The primary purpose of the Employer Partner certification project is to identify and acknowledge companies that have established high-quality HRM processes, and to promote and implement the standards which have been proven to enhance both business results and quality of work. PLIVA met the criteria for the Employer Partner Certificate and thus joined the companies that share best HRM practices.

The certification process is very demanding and includes the check on all major HRM processes (strategy; recruitment and selection; work, motivation and remuneration; training and development, and employee relationship). "PLIVA's score in the certification process was as high as 99%, i.e. the highest score among the pharmaceutical companies. PLIVA was also especially commended for considerable investments in professional development. These all are the reasons why experts in human resources consider PLIVA as one of the pioneers of a modern approach to HRM", said Aleksandar Zemunić, a member of the Board of SELECTIO, at the certificate presentation ceremony.

"While the land was the key economic and development factor during a thousand years long agricultural era and financial and manual work during the industrial era, the new 21st century economy requires knowledge or its economic form, i.e. intellectual capital. Human potential is one of the components determining the value of any company, and it both comprises of and emphasizes the importance of people and their knowledge as a creative potential for the company's performance, organization, innovation and customer relations", sad M. Bolanča, President of PLIVA's Management Board.   

By receiving the Employer Partner Certificate, PLIVA also formally joined the companies sharing best HRM practices. "This prestigious Certificate is an additional acknowledgement of high quality business operations in PLIVA. Additionally, it will offer us a competitive advantage in attracting best employees on the labour market, especially since we have carried out intensive recruitment processes for already several months. We are also glad to announce the opening of new jobs thanks to our new investments", added Blagica Petrovac Šikić, Director of PLIVA's Human Resources.  

PLIVA is aware of the fact that high-quality, educated and motivated employees are the strongest source of success and competitive strength. This is even more true at a time of globalization and informatisation, and at a time of economic crisis. PLIVA enables each and every one of its employees to acquire the knowledge necessary for their place of work, but it also expects commitment to lifelong learning.

The Employer Partner Certificate is an external confirmation of PLIVA's high human resource development standards and systems and of its transparent employee recruitment and retention methods. Performance management, whose goal is to reward outstanding performance, behaviour and key competencies which contribute to the achievement of successful business results and strengthening of the PLIVA brand, is considered as an integral part of employee care.


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