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PLIVA Awarded for Its Success in the Canadian Market

In the end of April PLIVA joined the Croatian economic delegation, headed by Gordan Maras, Minister for Entrepreneurship and Trade, in their working visit to Canada.

The delegation comprised of the Croatian entrepreneurs and representatives of the renowned companies from Croatia which have been exporting their products to Canada for many years and which have development plans for the Canadian market. The visit was jointly organised by the Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian-Canadian Business Network, founded to organise and improve cooperation and economic relations between these two countries, and by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
Last year the trade exchange between Croatia and Canada amounted to USD 137.6 million, and Croatia increased its exports to Canada to USD 16 million. The imports to Croatia amounted to USD 33 million. Last year PLIVA CROATIA's exports to Canada amounted to almost HRK 18 million, recording an increase of nearly 300% over the last three years.
On the last day of the visit of the Croatian economic delegation to Toronto, an official dinner brought together about 600 guests and the entire Croatian economic delegation. On that occasion, the companies and individuals were presented the awards of the Croatian-Canadian Business Network and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for their exceptional contribution to the improvement of economic relations between Croatia and Canada over the last twenty years. Tihomir Orešković, President of the Management Board of PLIVA CROATIA Ltd., received the award on behalf of PLIVA for the continuous exports of products to the Canadian market over the last twenty years. He emphasised that the award was yet another proof of PLIVA's tradition and quality of its products, its orientation on superior products and its ability to adapt to even the most developed pharmaceutical markets.
"Although PLIVA has already developed an intensive cooperation with Canada, for whose market our scientists carry out a number of research and development projects", added Mr. Orešković, "I am glad that we can announce a more intensive collaboration in the field of knowledge exchange via student exchange projects between TEVA Canada and PLIVA CROATIA. For example, young scientists will be given an opportunity to do their practical experience either in Canada or Croatia and thus become familiar with different markets and different ways of work in the pharmaceutical industry."
The most renowned Canadian investors in Croatia and individuals who contributed to the improvement of economic relations between the two countries also received recognitions. The awards and recognitions were presented by Gordan Maras, Josip Bašić, President of the Croatian-Canadian Business Network, and Vesna Trnokop-Tanta, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.


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