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PLIVA's brochures for blind and partially sighted persons

Marking the European Year of People with Disabilities, PLIVAhealth made it possible for blind and partially sighted persons to read its brochures. PLIVA's brochures for patients "Living with Drugs", "Living with Allergies" and "Living with Depression" were printed in Braille script which blind persons can read.

These brochures will be kept in the Croatian Library for the Blind in Zagreb, Draškovićeva 80, and will be sent on request to other parts of the country by mail, just like all other books.The action of adjustment of brochures " Living with..." is the first step in co-operation between PLIVAhealth and the Croatian Library for the Blind. Other brochures from this series will be "translated" into Braille script next year. Brochures from the series "Living with..." are a part of PLIVA's public health activities under the name PLIVAhealth. Within the frame of this action, this year brochures were issued and web-pages set up for patients suffering from various acute and chronic diseases. Brochures were distributed free of charge as a supplement to daily newspapers, and web pages can be accessed through the Internet portal PLIVAhealth. Talking to prof. Sanja Frajtag, the manager of the Library, Mr. Igor Haralović and dr. Ljubica Vukšić from PLIVA learned about how such a library is created. The procedure starts with entering the original text in the computer. After the text has been entered, the computer translates Latin characters into Braille script using a special programme. A blind person makes corrections in the text using a special keyboard, and the text is then printed on specially adjusted printers. The book is then bound and introduced into the library holdings. Today, the Croatian Library for the Blind possesses 2117 titles in Braille script and 2036 books on audiocassettes. These books are either borrowed directly or sent by mail to users who return them after reading, like in other libraries. Blind persons and all others who, because of sight impairment or for any other reason (physically handicapped, persons with brain damage etc.), cannot read standard print can become members of the Croatian Library for the Blind. Annual membership fee for this year was 50 HRK. After becoming a member, the user receives a list of books from which he/she can choose titles he/she would like to read. For any information you can contact the library on phones +385 (0)1 48 12 509 and +385 (0)1 48 12 504 or by mail to "Hrvatska knjižnica za slijepe" Draškovićeva 80, pp 231, 10000 Zagreb. 

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